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  1. 5 Reasons Why Living In a Villa Is The Ultimate Dream

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    A pacific home, tranquilized from all the noise and pollution, so you can live the life that you have always dreamt of – doesn’t that sound exciting? When you are searching for an home, you will be narrowed down to choose between a apartment or a designer villa. Don’t get bewildered, these 5 points will ponder you to live in a villa:

    Ultimate privacy: Villas are spacious where you can have your own privacy without the invasion of prying eyes or noisy neighbours. Enjoy your coffee in the loggia, do your yoga in the garden and surprise your special one with a romantic dinner on the terrace. Living in a wooden villa is the ultimate dream.

    Freedom to design your own space: Along with being spacious, you have the full liberation to design your own space. Whether you are thinking of an extra loggia, a dedicated room for snooker, have your own library or build a treehouse for your kids. You can be as creative as you wish when it comes to wooden house plans for Kozhikode.

    A peaceful life: After a hectic day at the office, you expect a peace and pleasant environment at your space. Villa homes are free from sounds of traffic, squabble neighbours and clamorous kids. After all the hustle and bustle, you are in your own personal space and enjoy a delightful evening with your near and dear ones.

    Live the lifestyle you desire: Villas can be designed as per your preferences. Whether you want a snug home for your family, concealed space for yourself or a superlative place to party. Villa homes can be classy, luxurious, quirky and cozy viz. Describing the person you are.

    A great investment for the future: Villa homes are not just about spacious living or a ravishing lifestyle, but they are a fantastic investment opportunity as well. Property rates may fluctuate at times but the demand for villa homes are always on the rise.

  2. 5 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have: Tips For Home Buyers

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    The characterization of a luxurious home is not that of a well-equipped home alone, but of one that has amenities that give the owner a feeling of royalty, magnificence and overindulgence. The very word luxury brings to the mind a vision of sprawling spaces, club houses with facilities, sauna, gym, in-house stadiums and a jogging track on the terrace; all of which makes one feel heavenly. Home buyers in the luxury segment today are looking for these, and much more. What features set their homes apart and really turn it into a lavish, dream home? Let’s explore:

    Privacy: A location that can give the owners a piece of paradise is a desired ornament, irrespective of their bank balance. Whether the house is surrounded by trees, or has a private beach, every home buyer wants an idyllic, surreptitious location.

    Effusively Stocked Kitchen: A great kitchen is more than a space with fully upgraded appliances. In fact, when it comes to luxury homes, homeowners are looking for great additions that turn a kitchen into an entertainment hub. Outdoor kitchen along with a pool is the latest addition to a home buyer’s expectations.

    Latest Technology: Luxury houses, with advanced technology, are the most sought after houses. Technology that not only secures the house but controls just about everything inside the home is a feature that most buyers expect. Game & Theatre Rooms: Gaming and movie rooms are a must for a luxurious living. Wealthy home owners are looking to take this trend even further with amenities such as indoor basketball courts, snooker tables and feature televisions for special occasions

    Tailored Amenities: A large closet of the master suite should display shoes and accessories, and have plenty of mirrors, lighting, car garage, home offices, well stocked bar, spa-like bathrooms and customizable wardrobes Every home buyer has his or her own vision of how luxurious and style their home would be. Your version of luxury and style may drastically vary from others but every dream it is definitely attainable by including the most modern amenities, technology and comfort. Whatever your dream may, know that there is a house of luxury somewhere out there waiting for it to be occupied by you.