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  1. The Key Characteristics Of Wooden Houses

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    A wooden house can make your journey of converting a house into a home easier and enriching. A wooden house provides the simplicity, ease and aesthetic space to an individual giving peace and purity. These houses are really fast to construct yet provide excellent flexibility for wooden home architecture. Unlike brick, glass and other modern building materials which can’t bend, wood can be bent, providing much needed flexibility for artistic liberty in a wooden house.

    The construction of wooden house is directly related to the sinful act of deforestation. Nevertheless, the reality is different! It is a fact that old trees have very less efficiency in absorbing carbon dioxide as compared to younger ones. Hence, deforestation backed up by re-forestation has the potential to address and curb the real issue of global warming.

    A wooden house doesn’t require deep excavation and can be built on shallower foundation and structure. Moreover, a wooden house provides much flexibility in shapes, edges, curves and carving to a wooden home architecture. Wood logs possess required strength (tensile strength for bending), compression (for taking loads) and heat resistance. These characteristics of wood provide all the needed ingredients for better architectural plan over other building materials such as glass, steel, bricks and other composite materials.

    Wooden houses can provide reduced heating and cooling requirements, good loading capacities, controlled moisture, pure air, acoustic property to keep noise pollution in check, architectural flexibility and more importantly, can provide peace, purity, harmony and warm feeling to the house owner.

    Wooden homes! Where your journey meets with solace and tranquility.

  2. Advantages Of Having Wooden Villas

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    Advantages Of Having Wooden Villas

    Conventional constructions have been traditionally preferred because of their customizable nature and a process that finishes faster. But lately, with environmental concerns and people trying unique things, the trend of having wooden homes seems to have picked up. Beyond a steady stream of visitors desiring to get a feeling of awesomeness with rustic ambience and connect with Mother Nature, there are other advantages for owning wooden homes over conventional construction. Here are some advantages of wooden homes are as follows:

    • Long Lasting & Durable: Log and timber homes last hundreds of years
    • Economically & Energy Efficient: Wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating cold and heat. This means, saving a significant amount of energy and money. Wood is also an excellent noise absorber, making it warm, relaxing and peaceful.
    • Aesthetically beautiful: Wood is a decorative material when considered as an aesthetic material. Each tree has its own color, design and smell the design of a tree does change according to the way it is sliced. It is possible to find different wooden materials according to color and design preference.
    • Environment Friendly: These buildings are not only environmentally friendly with regards to where they come from and how they get there, but they actively help the environment by absorbing and storing atmospheric CO2
    • Healthy & Natural: Wood helps regulate humidity which could aid in helping people with respiratory sensitivity. Just the ‘look’ of wood can soothe one’s mind and relax the nervous system.
    • Easy Maintenance: It is easy to repair and maintain wood. While old wood can be renewed by special touches, other materials are highly difficult and costly to maintain and to repair.
    In the age of concrete megapolises, are you ready to enjoy natural surroundings, fresh air, bright colors and beauty of organic materials?