Why Wooden Villas

wooden home architecture and design

Massive and strong logs revel their beauty both in high quality design and more traditional decor. This home is a beautiful example of how the strong elements supplement. The log house provides a perfect setting for stylish decoration of this home. Natural logs,treated and polished are loved by most of customers for their and lively.


  • Environment friendly
  • Energy saving
  • Health benefits
  • Easy Maintenance

good reason to build in wood

In the age of concrete megapolises, people have lost chance to enjoy natural surroundings, fresh air, bright colors and beauty of organic materials

Energy Efficient

Wooden joinery production has very small energy consumption:fast, ecological, sustainable. Finally wooden product are recyclable as an alternative to carbon emissions intensive products.

Being Ahead

The concept of Green building is relatively recent in India thus it’s just right time to join those who set the trend in environment friendly technologies this is an ideal solution for developing Eco-tourism


Return on investment in real estate business is more attractive if it is achieved fast an if further maintenance expense are very low. Wooden homes have life above 80 years without structural repairs with extremely low annual maintenance.

Investing in future

Investing in real estate is generally considerer’s as a long term investment. However thinking beyond the financial outcomes investing green in creating new values for your family and its next generation.