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Since 1929, OEC (The Office Equipment Co. Of India) has served thousands of customers within the manufacturing as well as service sectors with a single aim in mind… customer satisfaction!

Our recent venture, established in 2000, was OEC Record Management Co Pvt Ltd, well known across India as an industry leader and one of the most trusted custodians of information and records for top banks, corporates and Public sector units alike. The company was acquired by global leaders Iron Mountain Inc. in 2017.

Founded in 2016, OEC Green Developers LLP, is our latest venture and the one closest to our hearts. Built with an indomitable spirit to create sustainable living spaces within nature, which will truly withstand the test of time. With a hands-on experience and learning curve of 7 years, our founder partner, Mr. Girish Annath, has a wealth of knowledge on almost all best practices in the field.

In our journey so far, we find that there is a lot of ambiguity on various subjects related to sustainability. Through relentless trial and error, we are forming firm opinions on all practices being advocated, and are filtering out what we think are the practices for a truly sustainable solution.

So we’ve set out to make our own little bespoke sustainable village, which we can call home and a place where we can go to with a single suitcase of clothes to blissfully live our brand, Adrsta.

Our crown jewel is our association with the IHCL group. We are the first of its kind cluster of boutique luxury stays which have been approved for management by Ama Stays and Trails of the IHCL group.

Our ideals of Adrsta, are in sync with those of Paathya, so the synergy was seamless. This stamp of approval is a matter of great pride to us and should be enough to convince you of our uncompromised beliefs and standards.

Partnered with IHCL's

Our villas with eco-friendly features and innovative designs offer the ultimate in luxury and sustainable living.


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