Importance of Wooden Villas

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We know that the extensive climate changes have resulted in disasters like floods, ice rains, storms, droughts in the past few years.

All these are caused by human actions which destroy our environment. To be specific, these are the side effects of increased release of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide etc, into the atmosphere, due to the high production of energy-intensive materials like cement, steel, plastics etc. This increased discharge of such gases disturb Earth's natural balance.
To avoid worse disasters in future, we need to act decisively to decrease the emission of such gases. One of the ways to reduce the emission of such gases is to increase the use of natural building materials like wood and stone. Studies show that wood is the only building material that bonds with carbon dioxide and helps to maintain the development standards with minimal impact on the environment and humans. Wooden objects have the ability to store CO2 for decades. Because of all these, now the importance of building wooden structures is much greater than ever before.

Useful Properties of Wood


Advantages of wooden houses

Health Benefits of Wooden Houses

Studies show that the wooden house creates an atmosphere that is most comfortable to human health.
We already discussed how aesthetically pleasing and soothing wood is. Aesthetic properties coupled with acoustic properties of wood absorbs sounds and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere.
The unique ability of wood to suck up moisture, and release it back into the air as the room dries up balances the indoor air humidity to at least a level between 30 to 50%. And this level is very optimal for the health of the people living inside.
Many studies have shown that the wooden structure environment helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate and induce feelings of relaxation. Just like how walking in the woods gives you relaxation, wooden environments help to reduce the stress
A study conducted on children showed that a wooden classroom could positively affect the mental and physical health of children.
So it can be concluded that building a wooden house is not only good for reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also highly beneficial in many ways and also gives your house a majestic look.
The world as a society must be conscious of the ongoing climatic disturbances, and therefore, people must become responsive to the environment’s needs. Hence, there exists a need for cumulative effort to protect our environment by making more eco-friendly houses.